South East Asia Mekong River Ministry and Beyond

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The Mekong Movement

The Mekong River passes through many countries in SE Asia, and those who live along this river represent some of the poorest people in the world and the lowest percentage of Christians.  BMI is partnering with Christian leaders to reach the people along this river with evangelization, church planting, and training.  It is an exciting and powerful opportunity called the Mekong Movement!  We are thankful for the Christian leaders who are committed to this ministry!

Conferences in Bangkok and DaNang with Leaders from Eleven Nations

BMI Conferences continue to be held in the central location of Bangkok.  In 2019 we brought together a group of men and women leaders from eleven countries for an Encountering Christ Conference!  The countries represented were: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Ukraine, and the USA.

In addition to this conference, Jonathan held the first conference in DaNang, Vietnam.  This was an extra special blessing because the Christian church in DaNang was founded many years ago by the missionary Gordon Smith. Gordon Smith’s ministry was supported by the Chapel in Akron, Ohio, by Carl Burnham!  Also, the Dang family, who were rescued by the Chapel in Akron during the years of extreme religious persecution in Vietnam, came from DaNang.

Training Extended to the Highland Regions of Vietnam

Through the ministry of BMI Director for SE Asia, Dr. Joshua Nguyen, BMI training has been established in the Highland regions of Vietnam.  And over 500 copies of the BMI 7 Steps of Christian Living have been printed in the last few months! Joshua also continues to lead his BMI MBMP (Marketplace Biblical Mentoring Program), which trains young professionals for ministry in their workplaces!