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Training Christian Leaders Throughout the World to Impact Their Nations for Christ

The vision of Burnham Ministries International is composed of three major components (also detailed below):  Our 46 hours of practical training lessons, the book, Encountering Christ (and conferences), and the 7 Steps of Christian Living (and lessons).  To accomplish this vision, BMI works through National Leaders and Representatives who learn the material themselves and teach it to others in their own countries. These leaders are pastors, seminary professors, women's leaders and college presidents.  These three components make up the Biblical Training and Mentoring Program (BTMP).


3 Components:


1.  7 Steps of Christian Living

The “7 Steps” was created by Jonathan to provide churches and individual Christians with a guide to living the Christian life effectively.  The steps culminate with a discipleship model of training and reproduction.

2. Encountering Christ (EC) Book and Conferences

EC is a 17-chapter book authored by Jonathan Burnham. It provides an overview of the Bible (Old and New Testaments), showing how every part points to Christ.  Jonathan teaches this curriculum to small groups (invitation only) of the top Christian leaders of a given country, equipping these leaders to teach the material to others.   The book is translated into their languages and given to them at the conferences.

3. 46 Hours of Practical Training Lessons for Local Churches

Curriculum written by the Burnhams, who have pastored churches for over fifty years, is taught and given to international pastors in the form of manuals written in their own languages. BMI training conferences have been held in over 30 countries, including parts of Africa, Nepal, India, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, the "Stans", Egypt, Mexico, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and Costa Rica. The National Directors now teach this material in their regions of the world.

The 46 hours are comprised of the following:

  • Christian Leader’s Home (4 hours)
  • Preach and Teach from the Bible (4 hours)
  • Christ-Centered Theology (4 hours)
  • Care and Conflict (4 hours)
  • Small Group Ministry (4 hours)
  • Children’s Ministry (4 hours)
  • Youth Ministry (4 hours)
  • Women’s Ministry (4 hours)
  • Living With Your Emotions (8 hours)
  • Technology and the Family (4 hours)
  • Practical Priorities (6 hours)