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Ministry is expanding throughout Nepal, India, and the United Arab Emirates.

Over the last several years, Rev. Sonam Kabo, the BMI South Asia Director and his wife, Rita, have traveled to the United Arab Emirates to conduct ministry training in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the Nepalese population there.  In November Jonathan Burnham joined them and held a BMI conference for church leaders and met with leaders concerning future plans. As well as traveling to the UAE, Jonathan traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal, and Bangalore, India, in 2019, conducting training and strategic planning.

Biblical Training and Mentoring Program (BTMP)

BMI Regional Director, Sonam Kabo and his wife, Rita have been training students with the BMI curriculum at many Bible Colleges throughout Nepal: Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NEBC), Nepal Bible College (NBC), Pokhara Bible School (PBS) and All Nations Theological Seminary (ANTS) in Siliguri, (North East India). They train more than 100 graduate students each year at these colleges and also at Nepal churches and in India as well!  This is part of our BTMP curriculum, which is designed to accompany the theological and ministry curriculum in seminaries and Bible colleges. Many seminaries, not only in Nepal and India but also in many other parts of the world, are using this curriculum!

Sonam and Rita Kabo – Representatives for Nepali Christians

Rita Meeting with United States Officials

In addition to her travels with her husband, Rita Kabo is the principal of Elim Christian Academy, a school of over 300 children in Kathmandu, Nepal.  She is a strong leader in Nepal for human rights and the rights of women, and also travels throughout Nepal, India, and the UAE, training women!  This year Rita had a few special honors.  She was invited to Washington, D.C. to represent the Christian Community of Nepal and speak on the marginalized religious community and human rights of Nepal. She was chosen for this honor by the FNCN (Federation of National Christian Nepal). Rita has a law degree and is a strong advocate for religious freedom and the rights of women in Nepal. She is one of the top women’s leaders in the country, advocating against the trafficking of women.

Rita was also invited to meet United States Ambassador Sam Brownback during his visit to Nepal. She was chosen by the US Embassy to represent the Evangelical Christians in Nepal. This was a great honor to speak with him on behalf of the Christian population in Nepal! Ambassador Brownback is the United States Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom!

Sonam and Rita Meet with the Vice President of Nepal

Nepal recently passed legislation to outlaw the observance of a Christmas holiday in Nepal. However, Rev. Sonam Kabo, BMI Regional Director for S. Asia, his wife, Rita, and other Christian representatives continue to lobby the government that Christians in Nepal should be able to observe at least one day, the Christmas holiday, annually. Sonam and Rita are on the Board Committee of the Federation of National Christians of Nepal (FNCN). Together with the FNCN president, they were allowed to meet with the Vice President of Nepal to give him New Year’s greetings on behalf of the Christian community of Nepal and also, to remind him about the Christmas holiday. Sonam and Rita were welcomed into his office, and also, he also allowed them to pray for him! Please pray that the Nepal government will reinstate Christmas as a public holiday in Nepal! (pictured Rita with the Vice President of Nepal and Sonam speaking at an FNCN program.)