New Ministry in Zambia

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Africa 2019 and Beyond

Jonathan Burnham held the first strategic planning meeting in Lusaka, Zambia, and the first conference of a 3-year cycle of ministry training will be held in 2020. This training will bring together leaders from the neighboring countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Zambia. Rev. Emmanuel Ndolimana, from Rwanda, has been leading the ministry efforts in many African countries.  He is our key representative there and also leads the African Ministry of Sustainable Medical Missions.

Also, in 2019, the first of a 3-year training was held in Nairobi, where key Christian leaders representing five Christian universities in East Africa attended.  Also joining this conference was Dr. Alvin Sanders, President of World Impact, whom Jonathan mentored for many years.  World Impact is the largest organization in the United States, training inner-city pastors all over the country and the world!