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Technology and Your Family Conferences and Curriculum

With the increasing use of technological devices such as smart cell phones, computers, the internet, on-demand movies, and gaming, BMI has launched a new curriculum geared toward helping leaders understand how to combat the dangers of such usage. We are all familiar with the positive features that technology and the internet provide; however, in many countries around the world, there is not much education on the dark side. Conferences are occurring all over the world, and the curriculum is translated into four languages thus far (Vietnamese, Khmer,, Nepali, and Russian).

In our standard lesson format, we begin with the importance of protecting and nourishing the mind, as seen in the Bible. Next, we discuss various challenges and dangers inherent in technology/internet and end with suggestions on how parents can protect their children from the dangers of technology and how we, as adults, need to responsibly use technology.

Technology and Your Family

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