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A curriculum of ten practical ministry manuals and forty-five hours of lecture are currently available. When the curriculum is utilized by a seminary, the national committee of that country selects the subjects to be taught.

Five out of ten manuals and thirty hours of instruction by David, Sue, and Jonathan Burnham are also available on DVD/online by request.

All manuals and DVDs are translated into multiple languages, including English, Russian, Vietnamese, and Nepali. Several of the manuals are also available in Spanish and Khmer.

Our practical ministry manuals include:

  1. Christ-Centered Theology (4 lessons, also available on DVD/online)
  2. Care and Conflict in the Church (4 lessons, also available on DVD/online)
  3. Christian Leader’s Home (4 lessons, also available on DVD/online)
  4. Preach and Teach from the Bible (3 lessons, also available on DVD/online)
  5. Small Group Ministry (4 lessons)
  6. Practical Priorities (6 lessons)
  7. Women’s Ministry (4 lessons)
  8. Youth Ministry (4 lessons)
  9. Children’s Ministry (4 lessons)
  10. Living With Your Emotions (8 lessons)
  11. Technology and the Family (4 lessons)
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