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WMP – Women’s Ministry Program

More and more women around the world desire to know more about the Bible!  Not only that, they want to know theology and how to train other women in a mentoring lifestyle.  We have incorporated and invited top women leaders to join our 7 Steps of Christian Living and Encountering Christ conferences.

Additionally, BMI has developed a special academic and ministry program for women in seminaries.  Simply called WMP (Women’s Ministry Program).  This program consists of three academic courses of the BMI curriculum (see below):

First Course: 7 Steps, Women’s Ministries, Technology and the Family

Second Course: Living With Your Emotions, Small Groups, Children’s Ministry

Third Course: Encountering Christ: Biblical Themes Focused on Christ

This program is designed to assist and be incorporated into the Bible college curriculum. Currently, we have several women teaching various parts of the material in Nepal, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Myanmar.  BMI has two official women representatives who travel and teach our curriculum – Rita Kabo in South Asia and Nadia Morokhovets in Ukraine and Belarus.

In November 2019, Jonathan and Vitaly Sorokun gathered together the top women leaders of Ukraine and Belarus. This group included the directors of women’s ministry for the Baptist Unions of Ukraine and Belarus.  It was a special time for the women to meet and talk about ministry collaboration in these nations.

Over 2000 copies of Sue Burnham’s book, Living With Your Emotions, were printed in Ukraine!