Sonam and Rita Kabo Minister in the United Arab Emirates

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Sonam and Rita Kabo, Minister in Many Cities in the UAE


Rev. Sonam and Rita Kabo have the great opportunity to ministry and train Nepali Christians in various cities of the UAE.  There is a very large population of Nepalese citizens living and working in that country. Many are away from their families who they only see once a year, but send money back to their homeland.  Even with all this difficulty, the Christians are active and in need of ministry.   For almost three weeks, Sonam and Rita will be training in various cities, including Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah. Over 250 women attended a women’s conference in Abu Dhabi where Rita taught the BMI curriculum Technology and Your Family and Sue Burnham’s book, Living with Your Emotions.

Sonam is teaching Christ-Centered Theology, the Uniqueness of Christ, Seven Steps of Christian Living, and he and Rita will also be teaching a marriage seminar for pastors and their wives in Abu Dhabi.

There will be more updates to come!  Thank you for your prayers for them in their ministry and travels!