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Update from Sonam Kabo

BTMP continues, even in the most challenging time in the history of the Nepalese Church of Nepal!

It is a great joy and honor for Rita and me to be able to share what God has been doing in and through us in Nepal with all of our fellow servants of the Lord Jesus Christ – the returning King.

Despite all the political and religious challenges in Nepal and the natural calamities as well due to a heavy monsoon season in this part of the world, nothing could stop us from providing BTMP training courses for local church pastors and leaders into different regions of Nepal.  With the new bill of anti-conversion laws in the new constitution of Nepal and eight young Christian people imprisoned because of sharing their faith in Christ, Nepal government now has made an announcement that every single Christian organization, institution, and even orphan children’s homes are not allowed to renew their registrations anymore because of the false allegations of conversion into Christianity.  Nepalese Christians can do nothing except cry out unto the Lord in prayer.

In the midst of all of these hardships and trials, BTMP training continues for the local church pastors and leaders into the different regions of Nepal.  God’s word indeed is alive!  Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your continuous prayer support for us.

Sonam taught the BTMP curriculum to about 30 Christian leaders in Eastern Nepal, and Rita taught Technology and Your Family and Living with Your Emotions to the women’s leaders.

Rita Kabo is on the Board Meeting of the Federation of National Christians, Nepal.  Three major Christian national organizations (NCFN, NCS and FNCN) have decided to come together to voice to the government on behalf of the Nepalese Christian Community of Nepal. Rita is the Co-President of FNCN.

Rita on Board of FNCN

Rita on Board of FNCN