Vietnam/Cambodia National Leaders Theological Conference (Year 2)

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Encountering Christ Conference, Year 2, New Testament

Hanoi, Vietnam, April 2014

EC at Hanoi Bible College

EC at Hanoi Bible College

Jonathan traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam, for the second half of the EC Conference.  Dr. Minh Dang and Joshua Nguyen facilitated the conference at the Hanoi Bible College. The top national leaders from South Vietnam and Cambodia returned and were eager to study the New Testament portion. This is part of the unique BMI curriculum initiative to enhance Bible college and seminary education in collaboration with the learning institutions.  Both Vitaliy Sorokun and Sonam Kabo were able to Skype with the participants.  (see pictures below)

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Pastor from Cambodia

Pastor Teaching Over 200 Church Planters

Vietnam Singing and Closing Prayer

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May 3 – Pastor Vandy Hourng Already Teaching BMI Curriculum in Cambodia!

Update written by Pastor Vandy:

“I would like to send you another update about the 7 steps training. There were 15 pastors attending the training. They all loved the 7 steps. All of them felt that they missed something very important in their lives as Christian leaders after learning this lesson. They realized that, after many years of pastoring, they didn’t have all the 7 steps in their lives. They now understand its importance, and they made commitment to put it into practice and teach it to their members. I am really grateful to God for the opportunity to learn and to pass it on to my fellow pastors. I pray that the Lord will bless their ministry through this training and that many people will grow into Christ-like maturity and that many souls will be brought into the kingdom of God. May His name be glorified.”

Teaching Pastors in Cambodia

Teaching Pastors in Cambodia