Top Leaders from All Over the World Will Meet in Bangkok

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Pastors, College Professors, Seminary Presidents from Seven Countries Will Attend

September 2014

BTMP  –  Biblical Training and Mentoring Program

Christian leaders – including pastors, seminary presidents, and college professors – from seven countries will fly to Bangkok, Thailand, to attend training sessions and strategic planning with Jonathan Burnham for the BTMP, Biblical Training and Mentoring Program.   This is a new package of training curriculum put together by Jonathan Burnham with the assistance of Vitaliy Sorokun to help Bible colleges, seminaries, and churches train Christian leaders.  This unique program will supply students with the training they need to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the regions in which they live.  It will be first taught by the BMI representatives, who will then train others, and so on.  This will provide for the exponential growth of well-trained, biblically literate leaders and teachers in many different countries around the world.   The BTMP materials include the 48 hours of practical BMI training, plus the Encountering Christ curriculum and the new 7 Steps of Christian Living.

This program is already being utilized in different parts of the world at Bible colleges and seminaries as part of their accredited curriculum.  These leaders will expand this and be trained to institute the BTMP into their part of the world.

This leadership summit will include our National Directors, Vitaliy Sorokun (Ukraine and Soviet States) , Sonam Kabo (Nepal and South Asia) and Joshua Nguyen (Vietnam and Southeast Asia).  The additional leaders who will become BMI Representatives to their region of the world come from the following countries:  Rwanda, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and Belarus. (Some pictured below.)