Technology and Your Family at Irpin Bible Seminary

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KIEV, UKRAINE: Irpin Theological Seminary canceled all classes Friday in order for students and faculty to hear Dr. Vitaly Sorokun present the BMI curriculum Technology and Your Family. The subject matter is of great need and interest around the world due to the challenges it poses to individuals and families. Dr. Sorokun was graciously hosted by the two vice presidents of the seminary, Andrew Grenok and Benjamin Brynza.

The seminary extended a hand of partnership to BMI in a unique way – they put together a special training program for pastors and church leaders. The program will be launched this September. The trainees will come to the Seminary four times a year for five days each time. More than half of the training material will be BMI materials, including Seven Steps, Encountering Christ, and a number of Practical training manuals! Dr. Sorokun will be teaching these courses at the Seminary!