Dr. Vitaliy Sorokun (a Ukrainian) Ministers in Russia!

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MOSCOW,  January 2015

On January 28-31, 2015, Dr. Vitaliy Sorokun traveled to Moscow, Russia, on the invitation of the Russian Baptist Union, to participate in a special youth congress. The congress gathered 1,000 participants, including pastors and Christian leaders from all over Russia. The purpose of the congress was to call the young generation of Christians to commit their lives to God’s call and to actively participate in the transformation of their society for the glory of Christ.

Dr. Sorokun conducted a special three hour meeting with the participants of the Sochi Encountering Christ conference. During this meeting he shared about Biblical Training and Mentoring Program. The leaders discussed the details of its potential implementation in Russia and agreed to continue to pray and to dialogue about it.

During the congress days, Dr. Sorokun also taught two large workshops for the youth leaders. The first workshop was about Small Group Ministry. The second one was about Personal Evangelism. Both topics were the actual lessons from “Seven Steps of Christian Living” – the new discipleship course from BMI.