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Kharkiv, Ukraine  –  January 2015

On January 14-15, Vitaliy Sorokun conducted the first session of the Biblical Training and Mentoring Program (BTMP) with a pilot group of nine international students from India and Africa. These young men and women serve in various leadership roles at New Hope Church in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

During the time of training, the groups went through the BTMP program document and studied the “Seven Steps of Christian Living” – the new discipleship course by Burnham Ministries, which was first introduced at the BMI Bangkok Summit last September. Each lesson was followed by review questions and a lively discussion of various application points.

Please read some testimonies from the students:

Prawin (India)

Being a Christian leader is a special and unique calling. When we started the BTMP in church, my heart was drawn to it as I saw it as an opportunity to learn something new. I saw it as a platform through which I will be able enrich my knowledge and understanding of being a Christian leader. True to its goal to equip Christian leaders with practical and reproducible tools, and to encourage Christian leaders to be effective mentors, the program has been very helpful in making me discover a part of me that I thought did not exist.  The detailed study that we did on the Seven Steps of Christian Living has helped me comprehend their significance in a Christian’s life more than ever before.  I’m encouraged to practice the Seven Steps, and in turn, help those I disciple practice them as well. The cycle/circle practically repeats itself. It is a privilege to be part of such an elite group of people, who share an abundant love for Christ. I pray God to guide us through the rest of the program and believe that He will work miracles through each one of us. Praise God!

Jed (Ghana)

BTMP has broadened my spectrum about the focus of a Christian. Before the seminar I thought of the Seven Steps of Christian Living as just any other sermon, but now, I know it to be practical… And also, in areas like discipleship, I have been more enlightened and it’s all thanks to BTMP!!!

Tarisai (Zimbabwe)

The BMTP is an interesting approach to living the Christian life. It is applicable in the sense that it is practical, and any believer can understand it. It has challenged me to be a true follower of JESUS and has pushed me into the perspective of discipling others… Before we never had a scale of how we could measure our growth, or set personal goals, but with the Seven Steps, I have been able to see and focus on my weak points and also work harder on essentials I had been ignoring. I am honored to be part of the group.

Paul (India)

The BTMP classes gave me a well organized pattern that I can use for my personal spiritual growth. Also, these materials gave me the guidelines necessary to disciple others in a ‘biblical way’ which is our key priority.

David (Kenya)

For me BTMP has simplified my understanding of Christian living. There are many things to know about God and His Word, but BTMP makes everything easier. The training is great, and I hope to consistently practice all the Steps, especially the 7th. Also after my studies I will teach it to close friends and also try for it to be taught in my local church. It’s a privilege to have gone through the program.

Stephen (Ghana)

For me the BTMP program has been an eye-opener. I realized the role of salvation and a life of repentance in Christian living. The program was taught in simple and easy-to-understand English. It’s highly practical and can be retaught in discipleship. I now know that each step relies on each other from the first to the last (they are inseparable). And the great commission of every believer is to spread the truth and disciple newly converted believers. The step I enjoyed the most was Serving and Stewardship with our various talents and how to use them to propagate the word of God. 

Elina (Namibia)

The BTMP has been helpful to me in so many ways, especially in realizing which areas which are not my strongest, thus needing more work (i.e Evangelism). I love how very practical the Program is, how we can practice the Seven Steps daily in so many ways. My Favorite step (if I may have) is Discipleship, and I was happy to learn more about it. Step 1 outlined for me the importance of daily Repentance. I love BTMP!!!