Women’s Ministries Conference in Ukraine

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On February 26-27, 2016, Dr. Vitaliy Sorokun and Nadia Morokhovets, who serves as the BMI national coordinator of Women’s Ministries for Ukraine, conducted the first conference based on the recently released new edition of the Women’s Ministries Manual. This manual is one of BMI’s practical ministry training manuals and is a core tool in the new Women’s Ministries and Mentoring Program – a special training program for leaders of Women’s Ministries.

The Baptist Union of Ukraine is divided in 24 regional unions (BU) based on the 24 regions of the country. Each regional BU has a director for Women’s Ministries. The Women’s Ministries of the BU of Ukraine is headed by the national director. Vitaliy and Nadia designed the conference to invite each regional and national director.

36 women attended the training event at BMI New Hope Training Center in Kharkov, Ukraine. There were 18 regional directors, together with the women they mentor, and the national director attending.

During the training Vitaliy taught Women’s Ministries Manual and gave a presentation on BMI. Nadia shared in depth her experience as she lead the women in her church through Sue Burnham’s book, Living With Your Emotions.

All directors expressed gratitude to BMI for such a training course. As they are in charge of Women’s Ministries in multiple local churches in the regional BU’s, they needed a tool which would help them explain, teach and set up from scratch ministries for women. They found such a tool in our manual, which provides practical guidelines to organize and develop this vital ministry in local churches.