Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia – Conferences and Strategic Planning

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Spring 2017  – Manila, Jakarta and Hanoi

Dr. Jonathan Burnham traveled to SE Asia and visited Manila, Philippines, Jakarta, Indonesia and Hanoi, Vietnam.  Here are a few highlights from his trip:

Manila, Philippines:

Accompanied by BMI Regional Director for SE Asia, Dr. Joshua Nguyen, Jonathan taught the 7 Steps of Christian Living to men and women leaders from many different areas of the country.

Hanoi, Vietnam:

Seminary Deans, professors and pastors from four South Asian Countries (Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam) were trained in the Seven Steps of Christian Living Discipleship Course!

Group Overlook of City

Video Interviews with Myanmar Professors

Click on Picture to View

Interview with Cing

Interview with Pastor Thang


More Pictures:

Group Teaching Session

Joshua Nguyen SE Asia Vision

Myanmar Seminary Professors

Dr. Heng Cheng, Cambodian Representatives

With President of Vietnam Christian Mission

Laos Representative

Jakarta, Indonesia:

For the first time, Jonathan traveled to Indonesia for strategic planning.  Jakarta, the capitol, is the most populous city in Indonesia. The official metropolitan area is the second largest in the world, and Indonesia is the LARGEST POPULATION OF MUSLIMS IN THE WORLD! BMI held a Vision Casting of Discipleship, Mentorship, and multiplication with many of the country’s top Christian leaders. We are grateful for their lives, ministries, and warm hearts to come with visions for discipleship in their part of the world! Many people do not know that Indonesia has the highest population of Muslims in the entire world.

Indonesian Group