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You may have heard the news of the devastating earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Many of you may be wondering how BMI National Director for Nepal & Nepali Diaspora Countries, Sonam Kabo, and his family are doing.  We praise God that Sonam Kabo and his family are all safe! At this very time, Sonam and Rita are in the US attending our partner ministry’s (Sustainable Medical Missions) conference in Ohio. Also, their daughters, Keren and Priya, are away at school, so they are safe as well.   Please be in prayer as the Kabos are trying to receive communication as to their home, friends, church members, and Elim Christian School.  Rev. Sonam is also trying to get a flight home to Kathmandu to help; however, the airport is closed.  He is a well-known Christian leader in Nepal and would like to get home during this critical time. The Kabos were supposed to stay in Ohio for another week to attend their daughter’s college graduation in Cincinnati; however, Sonam believes he is needed in his homeland. We give God all the glory for the Kabo’s safety, but our hearts are heavy for all the people affected by this disaster.  Thank you for your prayers!

Note from Sonam:

“Thank you for your prayers for me and my family and the situation in Nepal.

My wife Rita and I are here in Cincinnati to attend the SMM conference as well as to attend our daughter’s graduation from college. But because of the great tragedy that has struck our country with the severe earthquake of 7.9 magnitude which has devastated the entire nation of Nepal, we are shocked and heartbroken.

I have decided to go back to be with my people during this difficult time, and my wife will stay back to attend our daughter’s graduation program.

However, since I’m in constant touch with the leaders of my church, they have told me that right now there have been no flights that are allowed to come in the country or to leave the country. And most of the flights that were coming or leaving have also been diverted elsewhere, and they suggested to me that I must wait until I know the proper information about the travel situation and the airport reopens.  Please pray for wisdom in this area for us.

We appreciate the concern and prayers for our family, our church, and all the people devastated by this disaster.”

Check back on our website or our Facebook page for more updates as they come from Pastor Sonam.