Ukraine War Update

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As you probably know, Ukraine is suffering an incomprehensible tragedy. While the world watches, their people are being tortured by the incredible assault instigated by Vladimir Putin. You may know that we have worked in Russia and Ukraine for over 30 years!  We have many ministry partners and friends in both countries.  Jonathan Burnham travels to the region almost every year.

Our Regional Director of Eastern Europe, Dr. Vitaly Sorokun, and his wife have suffered immense loss. They had to leave their home, the church they built, and their family because their city of Kharkiv, the second largest in Ukraine, is under incredible bombardment. They sheltered for a while in the church basement, but the bombing became so intense they bravely made it to the train station and were able to travel 30 hours by train to the much quieter western Ukraine.  Dr. Vitaly pastored a church of international students who all made it safely out of Ukraine at the beginning of this war.

They are still in danger; however, the bombardment is much less in this region.  They do not think they will ever be able to return to their home, and it may not even be there if they are able to return.

Our Women’s Ministry Director, Nadia Morokhovets, continues to shelter in her church basement in Kharkiv with her husband and other parishioners.  They bravely gather food even after the bombing to take care of the members of the church.  The suffering they are enduring is incredible.  They do not think they will have a city when this is all over, and truthfully they have no confidence they will live through this.

We ask that you pray and fast for our friends and all the people of Ukraine. If you would like to Donate to them and others whom they help, you can go to our DONATE tab for instructions.  Or, our Facebook page has a link to our Go Fund Me.  100% of any donation goes to the people of Ukraine.

Our trust is in God Alone.