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AROUND THE WORLD: Just completed online training! In days like these, our Technology and the Family training is in high demand and very much needed. The curriculum focuses on three questions: Who Are We? What is Happening to Us? And, What are We Going to Do About It? Technological advances and the internet create wonderful opportunities, but also many dangers. All of us need to be educated on the dangers of overuse of the internet and other digital communications. Our Regional Directors got together online with Faith Burnham and Dr. Vitaly Sorokun (Ukraine) to train on this material. They are ready, and already teaching it to those in their own countries — Dr. Joshua Nguyen (wife Linh) in Vietnam, Rev. Sonam Kabo (wife Rita) in Nepal, and Rev. Steve Mirpuri (wife Rose) in the Philippines. We are so thankful for these fabulous leaders for Christ with hearts of gold! Dr. Jonathan Burnham made an appearance too!