South Asia 2020 Update

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Currently, BMI has ministry occurring in Nepal, India, and Bhutan. In addition, we have developed an ongoing training relationship with the Nepalese churches of the United Arab Emirates, and are reaching the Nepali Diaspora populations via video conference in over 20 more countries.

BMI’s regional directors for Nepal and the Nepali Diaspora Countries are Sonam and Rita Kabo, who have been serving with BMI for over 20 years.

For many years Sonam has faithfully served as senior pastor of Elim Worship Church. Currently, all weekly services are being held virtually via Zoom.

During a typical year Sonam teaches BMI’s “Biblical Training and Mentoring Program” (consisting of 7 Steps, Encountering Christ, and 20 lessons of BMI’s practical training materials) in 2 Kathmandu Bible colleges. After COVID, Sonam will resume his teaching schedule.

In 2019 Sonam and Rita held over 15 training events. 2020 began with a similar pattern of training activity. In early January, Sonam held a conference in Munsong (Nepal) for over 100 church leaders. In mid-January, Sonam conducted a discipleship leadership training in Western Nepal for 25 young church leaders. On March 8, which is known as International Women’s Day, Rita led a one-day conference in Kathmandu for over 75 women on “maturity” from Sue Burnham’s book, Living with your Emotions.

On March 24 the Nepal government issued its first national “lockdown.” Since that time, because of the government’s restrictive mandates, Sonam and Rita have not been able to travel. In response to their travel limitations, they have effectively been using online training venues.

Sonam and Rita translated into Nepalese, “Technology and the Family.” Following the translation, they sent this material to more than 300 Nepalese church leaders and proceeded to hold a large online training for them.

In June, via Zoom, Sonam taught the BMI materials of “Pastor and his Personal Life” and “Christ-centered Theology” to over 500 believers who attended the training at Abu Dhabi Nepali Church (United Arab Emirates).

Rita continues to direct Elim Kids Academy. Due to the virus pandemic, Elim was forced by the government to shut down all operations. Starting in November, the Nepal government permitted the school to begin offering online classes. Although some of the students can take advantage of the online format, others have no internet access.

In July, Rita, who is the also the women’s director for BMI South Asia, was invited to lead a unique women’s conference online on “Marriage and the Family” for Christian Nepalese women from the UAE and other Gulf countries, such as Israel and Oman. Utilizing the BMI material of “Pastor and his Personal Life,” over 200 women participated.

In October, Sonam and Rita held online conferences for Nepalese church leaders in Kuwait. Also in October, Rita held an online training time with the women of the Federation of National Christians of Nepal. In November, Sonam and Rita taught over 400 people online on “Technology and the Family” which was organized by the Assembly of God Church in Nepal.

Significantly, Sonam was recently asked to become the head of the Church Coordination and Integration Department for the Federation of National Christians of Nepal. His role will be to train for mentorship multiplication more than 300 pastors and church leaders throughout Nepal. Two months ago, Rita was given a unique opportunity to begin serving as the Chief of the International Department of the same organization. In this role, Rita communicates with the Nepalese Diaspora team in four different continents: Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. This position will provide a special opportunity for the BMI training to go out to new pastors and leaders of the Nepali Diaspora in more than twenty countries,  such  as India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Oman, Israel, Bharain, Qatar, Kuwait, Germany, UK, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Holland, Romania, Italy, Australia, USA, and Canada!