Rev. Sonam Kabo in Remote Part of Nepal

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November 2018

The Persa District of Nepal is near the border of India and is an extremely remote region. A pastor who was in the Indian Army, and gave his life to Christ there, requested that Rev. Sonam Kabo come to the region to start a BMI Biblical Training and Mentoring Program (BTMP). It is interesting to read Sonam’s account of his journey to this region:

“The journey by bus was 13 hours one way – 8 hours by national highway and 5 hours on a riverside, muddy road through dense forests. This village was in the midst of a jungle, and the pastor told me that on occasion, there have been cases of wild tigers who come near the village and attack the children while playing outside their houses. There are also snakes that come inside the homes and bite people while they are sleeping. I felt that I was being taken to be slain while traveling by bus in this dense forest road which I have never experienced before in my life! However, by God’s grace, I was able to arrive in this village safely, and the training went very well. Despite all these challenges, I was able to train 16 needy pastors and leaders of 14 house churches in this district!”

Sonam also shared the number of participants of each region that were trained with the 7 Steps of Christian Living and the BTMP (Biblical Training and Mentoring Program) in just two months:

  1. 16 people were trained in Persa District
  2. 250 people were trained in Hetauda region
  3. 30 people were trained in partnership with SMM in Siliguri region
  4. 195 people were trained in Darjeeling
  5. 160 people were trained in Nagaland
  6. 11 final year students of Nepal Ebenezer Bible College (NEBC)
  7. 45 students of NBC ( Nepal Bible College)

Sonam’s wife, Rita, has trained hundreds of women this year alone in Nepal and India!  She is also the Principal of Elim Kids Academy, a Christian school of 300 children in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Pictures below include Sonam’s bus into the jungle area, the pastor there, and other pictures of Sonam and Rita’s ministry. Click on the picture to view larger: