Nepal National Leaders Theological Conference (Year 2)

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Encountering Christ Conference, Year 2, New Testament

Kathmandu, Nepal

April 2013

Nepal Marriage Conference 2013

Nepal Marriage Conference 2013

The second Nepal Encountering Christ Conference covering the New Testament was held this April 2013. Twenty of India and Nepal’s top national Christian leaders, along with their wives attended to study and hear the teaching of the New Testament portion of Jonathan Burnham’s book, Encountering Christ. The same group attended last year for the Old Testament portion. Jonathan Burnham traveled to Kathmandu to conduct this second year of teaching. Sonam Kabo set up the conference, and his wife, Rita, taught the women. It was an enriching time of fellowship, instruction, and praising the Lord Jesus Christ!

(For the first year’s conference, see Nepal National Leaders Theological Training 2012 – Nepal page.)

Comments from the Conference:

“This year’s EC Conference was really another great time of refreshment and enrichment for my personal life and ministry. Thank you once again for considering us for the conference. It was exciting partly due to my wife’s company this year with me, as I never had the chance to get away just with her in my 13+ years of marriage, and it became a real treat for both of us. Thank you so much for allowing me to have my wife with me. During our time together, we had a great time to talk to each other and pray for each other, and we thanked God for each other and the learning experiences were so awesome that we have no word to express our gratitude to our God.”

“I am truly convinced of the materials that give us a thorough overview, among many overviews of the scripture, this Christological Approach is a real point, and it has helped me grow in the Lord more and more. I am committed to keep teaching the materials, please do continue to pray as I hand it over to many that I have heard and learned.”

“This is the last week of our training because they [Bible school students] are graduating this week, and I thought it is very important for them to go through the the Second part of the material that Dr. Jonathan authored. I am doing it as a curriculum of my Bible school. I am planning to have it as a must in my Bible school’s curriculum. Since my students come from different parts of the Himalayas, and once they learn, it will be multiplied. It is good that I did with them the first part and  now they are with the Second part as well.”