Nepal National Leaders Theological Conference (Year 1)

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Encountering Christ Conference, Year 1, Old Testament

Kathmandu, Nepal, April 2012


Nepal EC Conference 2012

Jonathan, David, and Sue Burnham traveled to Nepal, where the first National Leaders Theological Training Conference was held in Kathmandu.  Sonam Kabo facilitated the conference and invited twenty of Nepal and India’s top national Christian leaders for a full week of training with Jonathan Burnham.  The teaching is part of the two-year series on Jonathan’s book, Encountering Christ. During this first year of the conference, the first half of the book (the Old Testament portion) was covered. Next year, the New Testament portion will be taught.  At this conference, during the last two days, the leaders’ wives attended and were taught by Sue Burnham.  Many of the leaders exclaimed that it was the best, most beneficial conference they had ever attended!  David, Sue, and Jonathan also visited the Christian school, Elim Kids Academy.

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Streets of Kathmandu in a Car

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