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Rwanda, Africa:

Recently, we received this letter from Pastor Pascal Ndagijimana, who is the new President of the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Rwanda. Pastor Pascal and Pastor Emmanuel Ndolimana have been training pastors all over Rwanda with the BMI materials, especially the 7 Steps of Christian Living.  Please read this exciting letter below and see the pictures he sent!

Dear Dr. Burnham,

Greetings to you in Jesus name!

I am glad to be able to share with you the report of the training that we have done in Rwanda. In total, we have trained 247 pastors and key church leaders in 4 locations from  14 Denominations.

Below is the list of the 4 locations and the number of participants per location:

  • 72 in Bumba, Karongi District – Rwanda
  • 61 in Musasa, Rutsiro District, Rwanda
  • 52 in Kivumu, Rutsiro District, Rwanda
  • 62 in Rugerero, Rubavu Distict, Rwanda

The 7 steps materials have been appreciated much by the people that we trained. They found the materials very applicable and beneficial to churches in their communities. This training was possible because of the facilitation from SMM by Emmanuel Ndolimana. The need is greater than the resources we have had, otherwise, we would have trained many spiritually thirsty and hungry church leaders if we had enough resources. It’s our hope that if God provides more resources, next year, much will be covered.

As the New President of the Evangelical Baptist Churches of Rwanda, I want to recommend the use of BMI materials in all our churches nationwide because training is one of the greatest needs that we have currently. We already have 7 steps available translated into our local language (Kinyarwanda), but we need to get the rest of your materials as well. How can you help us to achieve this?

Blessings to you,

Pastor Pascal Ndagijimana

President,   Evangelical Baptist Churches of Rwanda