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Belarus Encountering Christ at Minsk Bible College

Pastor Sergey Drozd from the city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, who attended the Encountering Christ Conference in Kharkov last October, taught Encountering Christ (Old Testament) at Minsk Bible College as part of the Christology course. There are nine students in his program. They come from different churches in Belarus, and some of them are leaders of small groups.

Quotes about the course:

“I received a double blessing from teaching this course. First of all I renewed and made deeper my knowledge of the subject.  My thinking became even more Christ-centered! Secondly, I think I could make a real impact on these young Christians, some of whom are in the beginning stages of leadership in their churches. They can and will make mistakes in their ministry. Nevertheless, they must not make the critical mistake – to make Christ an entry ticket to Christianity. Christ is Christianity’s major and all-defining center.”
~ Sergey Drozd (Instructor)

Students Quotes:

“It was interesting for me to see Christ in all these stories… There are hints at Christ throughout the Bible; therefore, it is important to have a Christological view on Scripture.”
~ Maxim

“Christ-centered view on all Scripture! It is important NOT to study the Bible with a self-centered perspective.”
~ Vasily

“The most important thought for me was that I can clearly see Christ in the text of Scripture, even though this text may first seem a mere historical narrative.”
~ Nadezhda

“To see Christ in the Old Testament and to be nourished with these images! Though I have thought that Christ is the center of everything, and especially of my life, I can once again be convicted and instructed that the right view on everything is through Christ.”
~ Philip

“Christ is the center of theology. He must be the center of my life.”
~ Victoria

“I’ve been walking through a spiritual desert recently as my relationships with Christ have not been steady. These classes helped me redirect my focus back to Christ, to learn to live a Christ-centered life, to worship Christ daily.”
~ Nikolai