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BTMP training continues in Kharkov – June 2015

Dr. Vitaliy Sorokun continues to train young leaders of New Hope Church in BMI Training Center in Kharkov, Ukraine, with BTMP. On July 1-6 Dr. Sorokun taught session 1 based on “Seven Steps of Christian Living” and session 2 based on the practical ministry manuals, including Care and Conflict Resolution, Christ-Centered Theology, Christian Leader’s Home, Practical Priorities and Small Group Ministry manuals. The DVD video lessons were used extensively during the training. As the leaders watched Dr. David and Dr. Jonathan Burnham teach the various topics of ministry, Dr. Sorokun facilitated the discussion. Here is what some of these young leaders shared after the training:

Jervis, Cameroon

“BTMP helped me understand certain fundamental essential basics of the Christian doctrine that I didn’t understand before. It helped more specifically in how I do my personal devotions. I hope that this training, especially the seven steps, can be done in churches today to help people understand what it really means to be Christian.”

Bright, Nigeria

“BTMP has helped me see the necessity of being a Christian and to know the basic foundation of living a holy life. I pray to God to give me the grace to share this good news”.

Joshua, Nigeria

“I am most grateful to the board of BMI for bringing such a wonderful and unique lesson to us. It has really enhanced my life of personal devotion, exposed me to Christian truth and I love it so much because it is very practical and applicable to our daily lives as Christians.”

Emmanuel, Tanzania

“I thank God for BTMP because it has enabled me to know God in a different way, the uniqueness of Jesus. It has encouraged and transformed my relationship and my faith in Christ and helped me realize who I am in his Kingdom.”

Nyikkeabasi, Nigeria

The big question is, after you give your life to Christ, how can you imitate His life on earth? The Seven Steps of Growth has succeeded in answering that question. Its strength lies in the fact that all the principles taught can be demonstrated in the life of Christ.  Nothing is extraneous. Did our Lord disciple? Did our Lord evangelize? Did our Lord serve? Did our Lord institute the Church? Did our Lord lead a life of personal devotion to the Father? And did our Lord call us to live a life of repentance? The answer is, yes! Hence, it can be said that by implementing the Seven Steps of Growth in one’s life, one would simply be imitating Christ.”

Collins, Nigeria

“BTMP has given me the confidence to defend my faith in Jesus Christ anywhere with anyone and has given me reasons without doubt that I am serving the one true God.”

Katya, Ukraine

“The BTMP class became an opportunity for me to know all the most important aspects of Christian life and ministry in a concise and effective way. “Seven Steps of Christian Living” puts in order the basic steps of developing a personal spiritual life, which gradually integrates into the church community and makes an impact on other people’s lives. Special emphasis on evangelism and discipleship became a real revelation. It is thought-provoking and will give a chance to potential Christian leaders to transform their passion for Christ into an effective ministry and help the Lord’s work continue in others.”

Anya, Ukraine

“Seven Steps of Christian Living” helped me make an order of things that I have to do. It helped me to understand that I should serve my Lord fully because He gave Himself for my sins. It pushed me to understand how I should live my life according to Christ-centered theology.”


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BTMP Training

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