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Near Karisimbi Volcano, June 17:

Pastors Pascal Ndagijimana and Emmanuel Ndolimana trained BMI Seven Steps of Christian Living to church leaders from 16 different denominations in North West Rwanda District in the mountains near Karisimbi Volcano. The photos are taken in 2 different villages.” We are thankful for these men and all who attended the training! The Seven Steps of Christian Living was translated into Kinyarwanda – the language of Rwanda.


Pastors’ Emails of Thankfulness:

Pastor Nizeyimana was so thankful for the training and material, he wrote:
“I am writing this email to thank you for equiping us with the training of 7 Steps. Today I am pastoring a new church plant with mostly new believers. I am glad that it worked out that we are having very helpful materials to nurture the flock. Thank you very much. We would love to have more of Kinyarwanda books of 7 steps because they can be very helpful.”
We are so thankful for these people dedicated to spread the good news of Jesus Christ!!

Democratic Republic of Congo

PASTOR BERTIN WRITES: “In Jesus Name I greet you!
With great joy I take this opportunity to let you know what is being done here in DRC/Goma. After our training with BMI we were also able to train Leaders and Pastors from different denominations about the Seven Steps of Christian Living.
Prayers Request: we do kindly request for Swahili Manuals to help us move forward!”
–We are thankful for these faithful pastors who sacrifice and can use the BMI materials for training! Please pray for them!