Welcome to Burnham Ministries International


Thank you for visiting our site!  BMI has trained thousands of Christian leaders in over 25 nations. Some of the world regions in which we give particular attention to include: the former Soviet Republics, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Nepal/Northern India.   

We focus on four main areas: Christian Leader Training Conferences, Development of National Leadership, National Leaders Theological Training, and Development of Curriculum and Resources.

Currently,  we have written over 90 hours of core training materials and 20 hours of DVD/Audio/Video lessons available over the internet for conference participants in their languages.  Additionally, these materials have been utilized to create a comprehensive curriculum that will be used in seminaries and Bible colleges worldwide. This is called the Biblical Training and Mentoring Program. 

As you visit our site, please make sure to view our National Leaders pages as well as scroll through our News section, which gives all the latest updates!



Ukraine EC Conference 2012